Complete guarantee, permanent assistance

Over 40 years of experience and rellabillity.

The firm "VINAL" was born in the year 1966 in Sacile (Pordenone, Italy)
In the first years of existance we work in proffesional way with competence in maintaining,reparations of industrial machines, assistance in the sector concernig concrete(preconfection) products which was debut in those years.

The firm quickly became distintcs among others for for searching inovations which leads to invent of the arrester tape named VINALBELT for truckmixers design and constructed entirely in the firm"VINAL".

Subsequently the firm VINAL started to construct the tapes for trucks and drums for concrete named ROBUR with hydraulic overturning.
After, we begun with the production of EOLO 1500, device for loading polystyrene in the mixertrucks.
Next was L.B.P. 50, pump for light concrete which proceed with CANALA MALTA with vibrating screen which we apply on the mixertrucks for delivery of malta.
In the last years we started the production of the demountable ADRIA which allow to put it's on the chassis of the truck for use as an alternate for trucks and pumps or tipper

Today,our innovations are presented with ECO SELECTOR with patent, totally projected, tested and constructed by VINAL, guaranteed with full assistence and warranty to the any component of ECO SELECTOR