vinal-eco-selector vinal-eco-selector

Respect environment, respect the law!

Retrieval and recycle residue with respect to the ecology laws and needs within the countries with the most advanced&evolved technology.

Other reason of natural economic recycling&retrieval disposal is always a good job(saving money),but we must respect the ecological law to avoid sanctions.

"ECOSELECTOR" allows with the respect to the international standards "UNI",directive CEE 2000/60/C6 and to the Italian law "D.Lgs 152/6 which sanction persons&firms who's pollute environment. The Italian laws(319/76;650/79-successive)thus sanction all polluters.

With sensitivity and respect of the environment the "ECO SELECTOR" is the best investment.

Recycling powerfull and easy!


ECO SELECTOR: Saving the costs of the disposal of the unseparated residue with respect to the international ecologic laws.

Thanks to the exclusive technology made by "VINAL".


With use of the special separator , even water would became perfectly pure/clear thus saving the costs and environment.

With recycled water we could began a new concrete confection with the same value as we began tottaly anew.

ECOSELECTOR is not a simple "separation centrifuge". The plant is patentated by "VINAL" which allows unthinkable levels of efectiveness till now.


There is no need fo worker to inspect the entire cycle of the separation. When the mixer discharge the residue from hooper the automatic system began it's operations no matter of the atmospheric situation or hour.


When the cycle is completed the "ECOSELECTOR" began selfcleaning in automatic manner.


With the system we will use in the winter times when the temperature is below 5degrees C the "ECOSELECTOR ANTI ICE" device discharge water from the system(basin)thus avoid formation od ice.

System with optional modul and with filter press for drying the mud of cement and filler thus the water beome clear for the next cycle