ECO SELECTOR is not a simple separation centrifuge.
The system is exclusive patented by OFFICINE VINAL with range of work - 4mt/100mt cca.

Introducing Ecoselector

Ecoselector Operations

Cleaning Ecoselector

Eco Selector: the system

ECO SELECTOR The system is complete and modular.The base of the plant include hooper for alimentation wich is a little inclined for the reason of the recycled water. The hooper is regulated automatically by electronic cells, so are the vibrators.The electronic cell lower or higher the rate of vibrations to assume a regular alimentation of the "ECOSELECTOR".

ECO SELECTOR separates the cement and filler)

This part come with water into the basin and from there the water is conveyed to the colection tub and with the help of an agitator we can use same water for batching the new concrete. The system provides an optional modul for separation water from cement and filler with size approximatelly 0. The gravel enter in the internal system of "ECOSELECTOR",drain the residual water to the inner part allowing the rinse of the gravel with clear water. In the end the wet mixture fall and made an accumulation or it is transported via rubber tape(optional) in the distance with increased accumulation.

Gravel is recycled very rapidly to be standby either for mixing with another size of gravel or be transported to screening plant.