Ecoselector - technical data standard version

• alimentation hooper is equiped with vibrators and colector for the recycled water.
• grilled gallery with stamping railing.
• support of the basis with electronic cells and plates for fixing.
• 3(three)concentric drums with propellers for recycled concrete.
• support with 4(four) motorized rubber rolls.
• 2(two) washers for input the recycled water into the mixer.
• basin for collection water with cement and filler for discharge.
• discharge hooper conveying gravel for accumulation.
• Tubes with water sprayers via electric valve for gravel rinse.
• Tubes with water sprayers with valve for washing drum with recycled water.
• Flessibile hose for washing&cleaning.
• Electric box with all functions of ECOSELECTOR either manual or automatic

Technical data

• Maximum theoretical production : 20m3/h.
• Max quantity of recycled water : 40m3/h.
• Power : 8 Kw.
• Voltage : 3phase, 400/50 V/Hz.
• Total weight includin tape : 5600 kg.
Dimensions of the Tape:
• Lenght : 10,30 mt.
• Width : 4,10 mt.
• Height of the ramp(client) : 1,40 mt